Defensive Driver Courses

Defensive Driver Courses

6-Hour New York Point Insurance Reduction Course

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Completion of this course provides will reduce your auto insurance premium and can reduce up to 4 points on your drivers license!

Top 20 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe - Trusted Choice

  1. Focus on the task at hand

  2. Expect other drivers to make mistakes

  3. Slow down

  4. Take advantage of safety devices

  5. Always, always, always buckle up

  6. When in doubt, yield

  7. Stop on red

  8. Use your blinkers

  9. Let it go

  10. Keep a buffer between yourself and other motorists

  11. Monitor your blind spots, and stay out of others' blind spots

  12. Don't drive drunk, buzzed, high, or low

  13. Adjust for rain

  14. Prepare for bad weather

  15. Inflate your tires appropriately, and change them when they are worn

  16. Use headlights wisely

  17. Maintain your vehicle

  18. Respond safely to tailgaters

  19. Keep a steady pace

  20. Look far ahead of your vehicle